We recently covered a new company to the market making gun belts. That company is Pekan Outdoor, located in Canada. Pekan Outdoor has entered the market manufacturing several different styles of belts to include riggers belts, SERE belts, gun belts and EDC belts. I was fortunate enough to get one of his 1.5” gun belts that I have been wearing on a daily basis.

SOB Deep Concealment Holster | Review
AIWB Position

Even though this is considered a gun belt, it is still very low profile. The cobra buckle is low profile as well, not printing when your shirt is untucked (a pet peeve of mine). Even carrying appendix, the belt buckle does not print. I really like the cobra buckles as opposed to Velcro, as it is quieter and quicker when buckling.

PEKAN [VIKTA]-SH Gun Belt | Review

PEKAN [VIKTA]-SH Gun Belt | Review

The belt adjusts easily providing you with a near perfect fit that is very comfortable for everyday wear.

PEKAN [VIKTA]-SH Gun Belt | Review
Easily adjustable webbing with durable velcro

I’ve been carrying my Glock 17 as my concealed carry with this belt with absolutely no issues. The belt supports the pistol and spare mag comfortably. One of the most important pieces of gear for concealed carry is the belt. Pekan Outdoor offers a great option if you’re seeking a low profile nylon belt with Cobra buckle for under $100 USD.

PEKAN [VIKTA]-SH Gun Belt | Review
The belt with my Glock 17 and SOB Deep Concealment Holster

The construction seems solid so far (time will tell). I plan on wearing this belt as my primary belt for a while. I’ll check back in to let you all know how it holds up after a few months.

Specs courtesy of Pekan Outdoor: