Q:  In Tell Abyad — in Tell Abyad, northern Syria.  Last time, you know, what happened I asked the question here, you said it — it’s not a coordinated effort — coordinated action by the SDF.


Have you — have you told SDF, as your special forces are in direct communication with these guys, that not to use American flag in this kind of controversial battlefield area?


MR. COOK:  I — I can’t read out every single conversation we’ve had with our partners on the ground.  I — I can tell you that we — I — I’m not aware of this particular report.


But, I know in the past we’ve — as we’ve said, we would call on our partner forces not to fly the American flag on their own, certainly.  And so, I — I would imagine that that would be communicated if indeed that’s taken place in this instance.