The training program will begin in earnest this summer. The Army, for example, has a public relations campaign to inform soldiers and family members what will happen, said Lt. Col. Steve Hanson, allowances branch chief for the Army G1, and the Army’s representative for implementation of blended retirement system education. “It’s our responsibility to arm them with information so they can make the proper decision for themselves,” Hanson said.

“Today, with the release of the Blended Retirement System leader course, we have the opportunity to put the facts out there in an environment where leaders can have the information to make sure they are prepared to answer any questions they might have from their troops,” said Wayne Boswell, the Defense Department’s director of financial readiness. Since the enactment of the law last year that changed the retirement system, he said, “there has been speculation, rumors, information out there about the blended retirement system’s potential impact.”

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