The G36 could easily be pictured in the hands of a police commando resembling a stormtrooper who’s escorting Snake Pliskin to some wall of a prison island that was once a chunk of the United States.

Instead, it’s finding its way into the hands of Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers on the front lines of a war where it’s muzzle thumping the Islamic State every chance it gets. Despite the German government insisting the weapon is catastrophically flawed, they keep sending them and the Kurds are putting them to use.

Personally I have found the G36 to be a reliable and accurate platform; it’s possibly one of the most versatile assault rifles in the world. With the capability to customize virtually any part of it with relative ease, the end user can cater to mission-specific demands on the fly so long as the parts are available. I also find it to be ergonomically pleasant in all areas of use with little to no difficulty attaining stability even in full battle rattle.