The opinion that universal holsters suck is typically a valid one. Universal holsters are almost always made of nylon and rarely fit any weapon well. These holsters are made under many different names but are almost always made in China. Most guns jump around in them, they are baggy, and have horrid retention. The Stealth Operator holster by Phalanx is aiming to change that impression. It doesn’t necessarily make the claim to be Universal, but is designed to fit a multitude of handguns.

Stealth Operator Holster
The MR9 Eagle

The Stealth Operator comes in two flavors, compact and full size. I own both holsters, but this review will be on the full sized model with the compact following shortly. How many guns does the Stealth Operator full size fit? According to their website, it will fit the following guns.

Taurus 840
Taurus 609
Taurus 809
Taurus 24/7
Taurus PT92
Walther PPQ (Long Slide)
Walther PPQ
Springfield XD
Springfield XDM
Walther P99 (includes SW99 and MR9)
Smith and Wesson Sigma series
M&P .22
Smith and Wesson M&P Full size
Ruger SR series
Standard: G17, G22, G31, G37
Glock Standard: G20, G21
Glock Subcompact: G26, G27, G28, G33, G36, G39
Glock Subcompact: G29, G30
Glock Subcompact: G43
H&K P30
H&K 45C
H&K P2000
PX4 Full size
Beretta 92
Beretta 96
Beretta 90-2

This is what the website lists and I may have missed some. I can also add the CZ P09 to this list from personal use. So it’s not totally universal, but close enough. Unlike other universal holsters, it’s not made of ballistic nylon. Instead, it is injection molded nylon. This is less like cloth and more like kydex. The Stealth Operator holster also comes in a variety of colors, including FDE, OD Green, black and pink.

The CZ P09 Front and Center

Retention and the Stealth Gear Holster

I mentioned retention is almost always an issue with supposed universal holsters. The Stealth Gear holster is a little different. It uses what they call frame lock technology to retain the weapon. Essentially the nylon is molded nice and tight. I’ve had this holster for over a year and have used for range and concealed carry. I’ve never had a gun come loose or fall out of the holster.

Retention isn’t bad

You can hang it upside down and shake it pretty good and it stays in place. The retention is passive so there is no strap to undue, no button to push, or thumb drive to activate. Just grip and rip the gun from the holster. The holster is designed to accommodate 1.5 to 1.75 inch belts.

Wearing and Using the Stealth Operator Holster

The holster has a slight forward cant that makes the weapon nice and accessible when worn traditional strong side carry. The Stealth Operator holster is designed to be held nice and tight to the body, and it conceals surprisingly well. The use of rivets and screws keeps the holster together well, and nothing has loosened after a year of carry and use. Drawing is simple and easy. It’s as rapid as you imagine it being. There is that distinctive click of polymer when the weapon is drawn and reholstered. It lets you know the weapon is secure when reholstering.

Why I like it

I tend to like unusual weapons. Nothing odd like a Gyrojet pistol or something crazy. However, I carry CZ and Walther, not Glock or Smith and Wesson. Holsters for my weapons can be hard to find, or expensive. This holster fits the guns I have, and its high quality. The compact model fits other odd guns I have. Lastly, it;s made by a Florida native, right out of Gainesville, so I support the home team. I’m just lucky the home team rocks. The only thing I don’t like is the name. The Operator title is kind of overused. There is something to say about books and covers.

Stay tuned for my review of the Phalanx Defense Stealth operator compact holster. I may even acquire the magazine holster and give it a run down. Stay tuned for that. You can check out Stealth Operator holsters here.

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.