SOFREP Readers check out this awesome photo gallery on Fighter Sweep. 

FighterSweep Fans, every time I glance through the photos from Klamath Falls, I’m absolutely amazed. The amount of work  put into the 173rd Fighter Wing’s Oregon Air National Guard 75th Anniversary jet is absolutely staggering, and they’ve created the most exquisite paint scheme ever to adorn an F-15.

I mean that with the utmost respect, and though our friends in the JASDF have done some amazing work with their jets in the past, they don’t eclipse the greatness of 79-041 and its 75th Anniversary paint scheme. Even when the jet was still in the paint barn, with most of its surfaces still masked and in progress, it was nothing short of awe-inspiring. It was one of my first stops when I arrived in Klamath Falls, where I was introduced to the men behind this screaming Eagle.

The team who designed the scheme and actually painted the F-15 consisted of Airman First Class Carlos Ruiz; Senior Airman Spencer Bryant; Senior Airman Mike Vinson; Senior Airman Nick Johnson; Staff Sergeant Tim Bodnar, Staff Sergeant Sam Whitlatch, Technical Sergeant Zack Stone; and Master Sergeant Paul Allen. As we spoke of yesterday, these men worked tirelessly for weeks on end, overcoming significant obstacles in order to get it done. They were exhausted but smiling, and extremely proud of what they’d accomplished.

Truly humbling is the fact FighterSweep was the outside entity given the first real look at the airplane. Some would say it’s all about luck and timing, and while I’ll raise a glass to that sentiment, I honestly believe it’s more than that.