All Terrain Vehicle fan? The latest and greatest in pimped-out ATVs designed for Special Operations just got even better.

Polaris Defense will announce a new high-performance MRZR turbo diesel (MRZR-D) Wednesday, joining its stable of state-of-the art off road vehicles. The company will debut the new vehicles at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Florida next week.

The ultra-light MRZRs have long been a military favorite for their excellent off-road mobility. They are easily configurable and allow operators to quickly prepare for missions and tackle the most extreme terrain with maximum flexibility. In addition to the U.S., more than 20 allied countries rely on MRZRs to meet mission demands.

The new MRZR-D features a turbo-charged diesel engine that has been engineered to meet the same outstanding performance of the original MRZRs.

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Image courtesy of Fox News