Admittedly I’m a bit of a beginner when it comes to body armor. In the Marines I never gave it much thought, I had it, and I wore it and I complained about it. As I became a civilian my need for body armor lessened, but did not entirely disappear. I’ve kept a couple sets of soft armor on hand, but could never decide what hard armor to go with. What was affordable seemed heavy, and what was lightweight wasn’t affordable. Don’t get me wrong, you get what you pay for, but I really wanted something lightweight and affordable. Eventually, I stumbled onto Premier body armor. Premier Body armor offered curved steel plates called Durus plates. These plates are only 5mms thick and with man sized 10×12 plates you were looking at less than 7 pounds.

Mattis please bless these plates

Premier Durus Plates and the Falcon Plate Carrier

You can’t have plates without a carrier correct? Well, Premier Body armor offers a package deal with 2 plates and a low profile carrier called the Falcon. This is minimalist plate carrier that’s designed for ease of movement, to keep you cool and comfortable, and to maximize mobility. This pairs well with the SAPI cut Premier Durus plates. These are curved and fitted to the body for increased comfort and mobility.


The Falcon Plate carrier offers just enough MOLLE webbing to allow the mounting of three magazine pouches, a few pistol pouches and that’s about it. This isn’t a go to war piece of kit. It’s designed for the police officer and civilian who won’t be in hours long firefights where 2 to 3 hundred rounds are needed.

The shoulder straps are super comfortable and very well padded. It doesn’t dig or pry into the body when carried, even when running. The interior is mesh lined for reduced friction, which protects those sensitive areas of the body. The combination of the plates and carrier fit together well and are a comfortable combination.