An ISIS supporter has admitted to stealing identifiable information of roughly 1,300 members of the US military in order to pass this data on to the Islamic State.

While living in Malaysia, Ardit Ferizi, also known as Th3Dir3ctorY, compromised the servers of a US retail store and stole data belonging to at least 100,000 customers. After rifling through this hoard, Ferizi then cherry-picked information belonging to members of the military who used the store and created a document containing personally identifiable information (PII) of the victims.

US prosecutors said on Wednesday this information was then sent to Islamic State hacker Junaid Hussain.

The document read:

“We are in your emails and computer systems, watching and recording your every move, we have your names and addresses, we are in your emails and social media accounts, we are extracting confidential data and passing on your personal information to the soldiers of the khilafah, who soon with the permission of Allah will strike at your necks in your own lands!”

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Image courtesy of Facebook