Always have a backup to items that you could be potentially relying on for your survival. In the military we were issued the old school Lensatic compasses for our land navigation courses and field exercises. As an infantry Marine I needed to know how to navigate using a compass and map (No fancy GPS electronics). What if our primary Lensatic compass was either lost or compromised? Most of us either had smaller watch band compasses or just used our watches and the sun. The problem with most of the watch band style compassed back then was durability. They were easily cracked and fell off the watch band or developed bubbles in the fluid which affected the accuracy and usability.

I’ve seen very few backup watch band style compasses today that I would be willing to count on in a survival situation. One of those is from Prometheus Design Werx. In a previous article took a quick look at this compass, but we have now been able to get our hands on one to see first hand how well it works and how durable it really is.

Prometheus Design Werx Expedition Compass Kit

Although you can wear it on a Nato watch band or similar style watch band, they also give you the option of using a silicone strap which we will cover.

Prometheus Design Werx Expedition Compass Kit

On the watch band it is very comfortable and unobtrusive throughout daily wear. This is not something I personally would wear everyday on my watch band, but if you choose to do so it is comfortable to have on all day long.

Included with the Expedition Watch Band Compass Kit is a silicone carrier body. With this carrier you are able to attach the compass to a backpack shoulder strap, belt or belt loop. It works out well attached to the belt loop and is easy to read and manipulate.

Prometheus Design Werx | Expedition Watch Band Compass | Quick Look

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Prometheus Design Werx Expedition Compass Kit

Prometheus Design Werx Expedition Compass Kit

The compass without a doubt will be a staple in my Personal Survival Kit. Although it will not provide precise degree readings, it will give you accurate cardinal directions and the ability to use dead reckoning to find your way to safety.

From the Prometheus Design Werx website:

A high grade, versatile, water-resistant, EDC and Field compass accessory that can be worn on a nylon NATO-style watch band or in its silicone carrier for multiple carry options. Our button compass unit is rated to a depth of 100M, cushioned in a GID silicone gasket and encapsulated by a precision machined titanium case. The kit includes one silicone carrier.
While we can use to great effect and marvel at the products of our digital age, there is still something substantial to be respected, acknowledged and said for analog and mechanical devices. The invention and introduction of the magnetic compass transformed the known world. Unreliant on batteries or circuit boards, a magnetic compass is the directional navigation tool in its most distilled and purest form. Our design process to create this modern classic drew inspiration from similar units as used and worn by UDTs, Combat Swimmers, Explorers and Adventurers from a different era. No less relevant today as it was yesterday, a compass that only needs the earth’s magnetic field to operate and is a tried and trued navigational device for anyone who spends time in the field.