Any AR can be converted into a great hunting AR-15 with a few well-chosen rifle accessories. But, if you own an AR-15 you already know that there is a seemingly-endless amount of options available. It can be overwhelming to figure out what you actually need. If your goal is to configure a hunting AR-15, hopefully this rundown of the accessories I’ve chosen for my own hunting AR-15 rifle and why they work for me will help you narrow down the accessories you need.

Rifle – DPMS

I bought this rifle before I decided to use it for hunting. Originally, I only planned to use it for plinking and self defense. I hunt in Northeast Wisconsin where rifles were only recently allowed for deer hunting. (Wisconsin first allowed rifles statewide this year.) Essentially, I started out with a basic AR-15 and turned it into a great hunting rifle rather.

Rail – Midwest Industries

I installed a Midwest Industries tactical handguard on my DPMS to maximize the picatinny rail space. I did this to maximize my options for sights/scopes and other accessories.

Sights – EOTech Holographic Sight

I chose an EOtech holographic sight for a few different reasons. I wanted a sight that I could use interchangeably for hunting, plinking, or self defense. A telescopic sight wouldn’t be well suited to self defense use, considering self defense use would likely be within close quarters. I hunt on the edge of a wood and overlooking a farm field, so most of my shooting lanes inside the woods are no more than 100 yards deep. I’m not looking to take a shot at a deer more than 150 yards in the field with a .223 round, so the long range limitations of an EOtech doesn’t negatively impact me. Another aspect about EOtech sights that works for my hunting needs is that they are mil-spec quality. I figure, if they hold up to the standards of durability, reliability, and accuracy that the military requires, then it should hold up in nasty Wisconsin weather and general hunting use for me.