“Ah, Putin! A man who, much like my whisky, is strong, complex, and leaves a lasting impression. His reign over Russia has been as enduring as the Siberian winters and just as chilling for some.

Putin, the judo black belt, has grappled with the reins of power with the tenacity of a bear. His rule has seen Russia resurge on the global stage, albeit with a flair for controversy. From annexing Crimea to allegedly meddling in foreign elections, and now Ukraine! Putin has certainly kept the world on its toes.

Now, with whispers of a civil war, his bungled invasion of Ukraine, and an ongoing civil war in Syria, one might say Putin is juggling Fabergé eggs in a hurricane. A civil war in Russia, you ask? Well, it’s as likely as a snowball surviving in the Sahara, but in the world of geopolitics, stranger things have happened.

If Putin were to invade Ukraine while still embroiled in Syria, he’d be stretching his forces thinner than my doctor’s recommended portion of haggis. It could potentially ignite a powder keg of discontent within Russia, leading to civil unrest or even war.