Travis Haley of Haley Strategic Systems has once again come to the rescue with his series of Quick Pistol Tips. Shooting a pistol accurately is often times a frustrating ordeal for many of us. We love to shoot and have fun doing it but sometimes we suffer from a lack of knowledge on how to accurately correct our mistakes. Often times we aren’t aware of these mistake in mechanics or finger placement but we are very aware of their effects on our groupings.

The problem with many new shooters or people like myself that have never been to a pistol course is the wide array of teaching techniques and schools of thought. Another problem people like me face is the fact that their aren’t many quality instructors in their local area and traveling to a course isn’t in a person’s budget or time constraints. That is why lessons that are easily accessible like the ones Haley Strategic has been putting out are invaluable training tools. I think these are great skill builders that a shooter can work on UNTIL they can either afford a top notch course or can get the time off of their day job to attend one.

We will continue to republish quality training videos from Haley Strategic or any other shooting schools and instructors that we feel will be helpful to you, our readers. There will be follow up videos from this series to be sure, until then take a few minutes out of your day and watch this video and let us know what you think.

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