Israel’s largest defense technology innovator showcased its latest advanced Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) suite for surface vessels at a recent maritime and defense exhibition in Singapore for the first time.

Rafael and its subsidiary DSIT Solutions unveiled the Torbuster SP, a comprehensive torpedo defense suit, at the three-day IMDEX Asia 2023 show. This latest defense technology features designs that seek to protect surface vessels from a wide range of underwater threats, including active, passive, and wake-homing torpedoes.

What’s a Torbuster SP?

BlackFish™ (Image source: DSIT Solutions)

The anti-torpedo combines two of DSIT Solutions’ advanced sonar systems, Blackfish and Monkfish. According to the company, Blackfish is a passive hull-mounted sonar (HMS) system that can detect threats within a range of up to ten kilometers. It operates in medium frequency, primarily seeking “weak targets in highly cluttered acoustic environments,” and sends its precise locations. On the other hand, Monkfish is an active towed-array sonar (TAS) system capable of detecting torpedoes at longer ranges of up to 20 km. The latter is a compact and versatile sonar system that can switch-operate from active to passive and intercept modes, providing “24/7 360-degree detection and alert capabilities […] in all weather and sea conditions while the ship is underway.

Furthermore, the Torbuster SP also features a fourth-generation Torbuster hard kill decoy that can simulate the acoustic signature of a vessel used to deceive and fool incoming enemy torpedo, attacking it instead of the actual surface ships. Once hit, the decoy detonates itself, destroying the torpedo at a safe distance while preventing it from hitting the vessel.

MonkFish™ (Image source: DSIT Solutions)

According to Janes, the anti-torpedo suit has a length of about a meter, a diameter of 200 mm (0.2 m), and weighs about 150 kilograms (330 pounds) per unit. It can operate at depths exceeding 370 m via a dedicated console; however, it requires a water depth of at least a hundred meters to withstand the launch impact and effectively deploy its acoustic signals.

Overall, the Torbuster SP looks like a promising torpedo countermeasure system that offers highly-effective solutions in defending surface vessels from various underwater threats. It is a pretty much straightforward system that operators can deploy easily and quickly, making it a valuable asset for ships operating in a highly contested environment.

Submarine torpedo attack training and harpoon missile launched to sink ship. Video from YouTube and Ultimate Military Channel