In continuing with our series on Ultralight gear for hiking and backpacking we are going to take a look at two products to keep the rain off you. There is a ton of rain gear on the market to choose from and they all use some form of technology to repel the rain. Between the number of choices and all the different technologies used, your head can start spinning wondering which one to go with. I’ll be up front and let you guys know that ponchos are not an option for me. They are too baggy when wearing them and my pants from the knees down tend to get soaked from the rain running off the bottom of the poncho; just my honest opinion.

The two products we are going to take a look at are a lightweight rain shell/jacket from Black Diamond Equipment and an ultralight trekking umbrella from Gossamer Gear. Both products are ultralight, durable and keep you safe from the elements.

Black Diamond Alpine Start Hoody