Maglula magazine loaders can help extend any range session by easing the frustration that can come from repeatedly loading magazines. We’ve all been there before – we take friends, wives or maybe the kids out for a nice day of plinking at some steel or paper targets and a short time later we hear the drone of  “my fingers hurt”. Usually, it comes from kids first as they try to load .22LR magazines as fast as possible, so they can blaze away time after time. Sometimes its our wives, ultimately it doesn’t matter who says it, the results are the same. What if you could stop that from happening?

There are many shooters out there that will just say “suck it up” and drone on about how you should toughen up your fingers etc. To me, that’s a load of bull. I have worked with my hands in some tough/gritty fields of employment for more than 20 years and anything I can do to enhance my shooting experience and save my fingers is a positive. The phrase “work smarter not harder” comes to mind.

Maglula Ltd is an Israeli based company that specializes in producing loading tools for virtually any popular battle rifle or pistol currently on the market. Producing magazine loaders for single stack .22LR pistols like the Ruger MkII all the way to the most modern hi capacity Glock is no problem for them. Even if you own less popular military sporting rifles such as the Galil, the Knights SR25, or even the Fabrique Nationale SCAR, Maglula has you covered.