I’ve carried this knife for a little over one month and in that time I’ve come to trust this knife enough to carry it as a deep concealment knife during times when my life was going to be in danger. When it comes to self-defense knives, it’s important that it be simple, effective, and in certain cases concealable. The Adjutant Knife (in this case the basic model) was made by Minutemen Watches and former Army Ranger Justin Gingrich. Justin Gingrich of Gingrich Tactical Innovations (GTI) has a long and storied history of producing knives for some very special units out there and is well renowned for his ability to produce knives. It’s little surprise that the knife that they have produced is effective in its simplicity.

A Ranger Designed EDC Knife | The Adjutant by Minuteman

The Adjutant is made from 154CM Stainless steel that has been bead blasted. The 154CM stainless steel sets this knife apart from many other small backup blades that I’ve used. Many other popular backup knives use  440C stainless steel. And while there is nothing particularly wrong with that for a backup blade I find the usage of 154CM to be somewhat of a hint at the quality of workmanship you are getting yourself into. The 154CM holds an edge well and is easy to sharpen. I’ve been able to get this blade extremely sharp thanks to the excellent steel chosen by Minutemen Watches and Justin Gingrich. Further the 154CM steel resists corrosion reasonably well compared to many other common self-defense knives that I’ve used.

The handle design is good for my hands, though it may be slightly too small if you have some big mitts (If you had big hands I’d recommend getting the model with handles incorporated into the design). The Adjutant’s handle is full tang for strength and skeletonized to reduce weight. The handle has a simple curve that contours to the hand when gripped despite its small size. The grip is sturdy enough that your hand does not slip down it when stabbing into things should you be inclined to do that. The blade is short and purpose-built at 2.5 inches. It can accomplish self-defense work and some general around the house taskings owing to the excellent steel and 1/8 inch thickness of the blade. The sheath like the knife is simple but well thought out. It’s a kydex sheath that can accept a metal clip to aid in inside the waistband carry. Without the clip it can be setup easily for neck carry or if you know a couple of knots it can be carried inside the waistband which is how I had mine setup for the month or so that I carried it. Deployment of the blade from the kydex sheath is quick and silent. I have no qualms about carrying this knife in dangerous situations. It’s stabs and slashes very well and I hardly notice it on my body owing to its size.