After the articles Ranger Loadout: MK48 Machine Gunner, and Paratrooper Loadout: Airborne School published, I started receiving a number of emails about the Carl Gustav. Aside from Gun Teams there was also a Goose (Carl Gustav) team assigned to Maggots (I hear they are with the 11C guys now). Typically this was a two-man team, however we were all cross trained with the Goose and could step in if needed.

The Carl Gustav is an 84mm recoilless rifle system. Although you tend to consider shoulder-fired weapons as anti-vehicle, we also considered the Carl Gustav anti-personnel. This weapon was awesome because it was reusable (unlike the AT4), allowed versatility (different rounds for different threats), easy-to-use, jumpable, and gave our platoon the force multiplier we needed against vehicles with mounted weapons.

This weapon is approximately 25lbs and about 42” long. The ammo types varied: high explosive anti-tank (HEAT), high explosive dual purpose (could be set to detonate on impact, or with a slight delay), high explosive (could be set at various distances for airburst), illumination, and area defense munition (ADM flechette).

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