After successfully completing RIP (Ranger Indoctrination Program later renamed RASP) I was assigned to 2nd Ranger Battalion (Cco-MadSlashers). When I arrived at Ft. Lewis it was basically empty. I was sent on a reach-back bird (planes that carry people into, and out of combat for various reasons) to meet my already deployed platoon. After a few stops I arrived in Baghdad, Iraq and I was excited. I met my platoon sergeant and he assigned me to weapons squad (Maggots: because we carried everything). 

I stayed in Maggots for the majority of my time while serving in Ranger Battalion. Maggots basically delt with everything belt-fed, or shoulder fired. We maintained and used a variety of awesome weapons: M2M240B (now the L), MK19 (40mm automatic grenade launcher), Carol Gustav (84mm recoilless rifle), and the MK48 (at the time a brand new compact 7.62mm machine gun). After a couple of years, ranger school, and a few combat deployments I was eventually assigned as a Gun Team Leader, and the MK48 was my primary weapon.

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