The holster market is a busy one.  There are the name-brand giants with imported, Chinese made plastic for cheap, your friend down the road who does Kydex in his garage, and ultra-premium options that cost enough to mean you won’t be hitting the range anytime soon.  Somewhere out there is a Goldilocks brand.  If you’ve been carrying daily for any length of time you’ve probably learned that the perfect holster for your needs is out there, but it’s likely going to be the third or fourth one you try.  This of course makes expensive holster discouraging, but the really cheap options often fit poorly or break.

Personally I’m on my fourth, fifth, and sixth carry guns.  What I carry each day depends on the level of concealment I need and the attire dictated by the day’s business.  This means I go through a lot of holsters as what works well with one gun might not with another.  Volumes could be written about how each pistol, body type, and holster combine to work or not work.  It is for that reason that I’m always open to try something new and when Raw Dog Tactical reached out I couldn’t decline.

Raw Dog Tactical makes affordable holsters in a variety of colors and for a wide variety of guns that people actually carry.  Their down-to-earth approach is appealing as was their excellent customer service.  Fit and finish are not premium, but neither is the price, and in the end it is how the holster fits on you that is important.  I tried an inside-the-waistband hybrid of leather and Kydex for my Walther PPS M2 and found it incredibly comfortable and effective.  To see more watch the video below.


This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.