The United States Air Force has recently awarded a $39 million contract to Raytheon, a leading defense technology company.

The contract aims to develop a cutting-edge command and control software prototype for an air-based air defense system.

This groundbreaking initiative represents a pivotal step towards safeguarding smaller air bases across the Pacific from potential threats posed by small drones and cruise missiles.

Revolutionizing Air Base Defense: The BC3 Software Prototype

Raytheon’s Battle Management Command and Control (BC3) software will serve as the cornerstone of this ambitious project.

According to its press release, the innovative BC3 prototype will revolutionize the way the US Air Force manages and responds to threats in today’s rapidly evolving airspace using the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

The BC3 software will be designed to analyze targeting data collected from an array of sensors, including radar systems.

This data will be meticulously processed and then relayed to the Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace Fire Distribution Center, where it will undergo a comprehensive threat evaluation in real time. Subsequently, the software will assign weapons and efficiently close the kill chain, ensuring the highest level of air base defense readiness.

Moreover, this contract underscores the Air Force’s commitment to expanding its air base defense capabilities, traditionally a domain led by the US Army.