Ask anyone who spends anytime around firearms and they will say the AK-47 might not be as accurate as the AR-15 but it’s a real work horse and ridiculously durable. The problem, if I can say that is many people don’t think the AK-47 requires maintenance. All machines, especially firearms require some form maintenance, and sometimes having the right tools to do it is all you need. The Real Avid AK-47 Tool might be the perfect all in one tool for the worlds most popular rifle. Do we have your attention?

Real Avid is based out of Minnesota and has been featured previously here on the site with their Carbon Boss AR-15 carbon scraping tool. A little digging into the company we were pleased to see that they produce a full line of tools, carbon scrappers and other accessories to support a wide range of weapons platforms, best of all they are affordable and easily store in a pack or jacket pocket.

What the Real Avid tool combines simplicity, portability and an attractive price point to give AK-47 shooters a pocket tool that addresses their needs. The tool allows you to clean the rifle’s firing pin, bolt, piston face, as well as assists in the disabling of the rifle. Another feature of the tool that people might overlook is the fact it can also help with the installation of pistol grips as well as muzzle devices.


If you look at the above picture you can see that the Real Avid AK-47 tool has two piston scrapers that are different sizes. This allows the same took to be used on both the AK-47 as well as the AK-74 which is chambered in 5.45×39 mm. It’s little details in a design that makes a tool or piece of gear able to be used across different weapons systems. Smart marketing and clever engineering by the design team at Real Avid. Also seen in the above picture is a slot located on the left side of the blade, this is to help with removing the top hand guard on both the AK-47 and AK-74 pattern rifles.

The Real Avid AK-47 Tool might be one of the most ingenious and handy tools to hit the market for the AK-47 and AK-74 family of rifles. The tool has a manufacturers suggested retail price of $19.99 and can be purchased from the company’s web site listed below. The video we have added, courtesy of the company does a great job of showing the strengths of this little pocket tool. We have ordered one and full intend to use it over the next few months as we spend the summer making our AK-47 dirty.

What do you think of the Real Avid AK-47 tool ? Would you be willing to risk the price of a pizza on what might be a great tool?

The Real Avid AK-47 Tool can be found at www.RealAvid.Com