They say love makes us a fool, but some things are undoubtedly out-of-the-box and even illegal that others do to make love. 

This is what happened when a senior research scientist working at the Air Force allegedly brought in an unqualified sex worker to be part of the team. An unsealed search warrant application accuses Dr. James Gord, a decorated civilian Air Force staff, of hiring an unqualified 32-year-old sex worker so she could access the premises whenever they would hook up. The sex worker did not have substantial participation in the project or any educational background in the field. 

This sex-related controversy happened at the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. Back in April, the former chief of the lab, Maj. Gen. William Colley had been court-martialed for being charged with three counts of sexual assault against his sister-in-law. He was then found guilty. 

Dr. James Gord
Dr. James Gord (Source: U.S. Air Force)

Just like Colley, Gord had an important role in the research team. This also allows him to bring people in unsuspected. What’s worse with Gord’s approach was the fact that he did not hire the sex worker as a low-level staff. Instead, the woman was tapped as a co-chair of a scientific panel covering groundwork on photonics used in designing rockets, turbine engines, scramjets, and more.