Tradition says that when you slip that wedding band on during your wedding ceremony, that it never comes off again. Why in the world would I ever want to take my wedding band off to replace it with something else? Well there are some unique situations that may require you to remove your band. I remember when I was going through the Endurance Course in Okinawa Japan during Jungle Warfare Training; One of the married guys noticed at the end of the course that day that his wedding band was missing. Somewhere along the course crawling through the mud and muck his ring had slipped off. Wedding bands are typically not cheap and when you’re an enlisted guy in the military your income doesn’t usually allow for those types of expenses.

I know several aborists that have to either wear gloves at all times or remove their wedding band while doing tree work and operating the chipper machines. If you throw a branch into the chipper and it catches on your wedding band, you’re going to have a really bad day.

The company Recon Rings has solved these issues for those that work in hazardous environments or just live an active lifestyle. Recon Rings provides safe comfortable silicone rings for those that live in kinetic environments. If for some unfortunate reason your ring is compromised due to an accident or wear and tear from your adventures, you’re not out a ton of coin. These rings can be purchased individually for $18 or you can buy them in bundles for $60.

The rings come in many different color combinations to fit your personality or career.


Recon Rings | Staying Safe in a Kinetic Environment

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Recon Rings | Staying Safe in a Kinetic Environment