There seems to be an endless supply of EDC pouches, gear pouches and other similar products available to purchase. Because of the saturated industry, It’s not often that a product in this category stands out. I’ve been on the hunt for a smaller pouch to minimize my toiletry bag when traveling. I’ve got a standard size toiletry bag, but when I travel for a week at a time I only use those smaller travel size items. Due to the size of the toiletry bag and the few small items I carry in it make for valuable wasted space when traveling with only one backpack.

I happened to see an ad in my Facebook feed highlighting the Recycled Firefighter Small Zippered Gear Pouch. At first it appeared to be too small, but after reading the actual dimensions it sounded like the perfect size to use for a minimalist toiletry pouch.

Specifications courtesy of the Recycled Firefighter website: