On Nov. 29, Hiroshi “Hershey” Miyamura passed away at 97. He was a war veteran and recipient of the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions during the conflict. His legacy has been remembered by many as a symbol of courage and bravery during a difficult time in history. Please look back at Hiroshi Miyamura’s life and service to his country.

Early Life

Hiroshi Miyamura was born to Japanese immigrants in Gallup, New Mexico, on Oct. 6, 1925. His parents owned a small diner in the town, and he attended Gallup High School. After graduation, he enlisted in the Army in January 1945 as a volunteer for the all-Nisei 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Infantry Regiment, where he trained as a machine gunner.

The Battle at Taejon-ni

The 442nd was made up of Japanese-American soldiers and compiled a storied combat record during WWII, despite fears of their loyalty as they were placed under armed guard at internment camps while living on the West Coast.

Hiroshi Miyamura
(Source: Unknown author/Wikimedia)

In 1950, Miyamura was recalled to active duty with the outbreak of the Korean War and became a squad leader in the Third Infantry Division for an integrated battalion. During one intense firefight near Seoul, he killed at least 50 Chinese Communist troops and was taken prisoner afterward. He spent over two years as a POW before being released in 1953.