Former United States Marines met former SAS operators in the ring one month ago, duking it out at a charity boxing event on November 11, Remembrance Day. We live streamed it on SOFREP TV’s Facebook page, and soon it’s going to be available on SOFREP TV. Watch the SAS fight on their home turf in England as the Marines come at them with all they’ve got. Check out the Remembrance Rumble 2 at: SOFREP TV, coming soon.

Watch the trailer here:

While we at SOFREP like nothing more than seeing two people spill sweat and blood in the ring, this was not all just for show. We raised approximately £32,000 (just under $43,000) at this charity event, and where did that money go?

£6,000 of it went to a charity called “Tickets for Troops,” an organization that,

…provides free tickets to members of the Armed Forces for a variety of sporting, musical and cultural events. The service offers serving personnel and those medically discharged from the forces since 2001, the well-deserved opportunity to enjoy an event of their choice with their friends and families.”

£7000 went to Matt “Ollie” Ollerton’s “Just Giving” page.

£10,000 went to “Talking 2 Minds,” a charity run by former SAS veteran Rob Paxman. They serve to help veterans with PTSD and “other severe stress-related conditions such as Stress, Fear and Anxiety and Anger Issues [that] affect all sectors of society.”