War is more of a national conflict than a personal one. Soldiers march and end the lives of the enemy soldiers who did nothing wrong to them except being born on the opposing side… or maybe they did?

Whichever it was, there were people whose lives were drastically affected by the war, be it because their family members were killed or properties were taken away. Their lives changed forever, and they did not just let the sufferings they experienced pass and slip. Instead, they made it their personal thing and vowed to seek revenge, and they really did. Here are some of those.

Eliahu Itzkovitz Tracking The Nazi Who Killed His Family

Eliahu Itzkovitz was born in Romania of Moldavian descent. When World War II broke out, the Nazis took his family for being Jews and brought them to a concentration camp. Like many others, he witnessed his family being murdered by a Romanian prison guard named Stanescu. His parents and three brothers were all killed, leaving him the lone survivor. He vowed to himself that he would avenge his family’s murder.

After the Soviet army liberated them in 1944, Itzkovitz moved to Israel, where he served under the Israeli Defense Forces as a paratrooper. As fate permitted, he found out while serving that Stanescu had joined the French Foreign Legion serving in Vietnam. So he abandoned the Israeli Defense Forces and instead joined the Foreign Legion. He successfully arranged to be transferred to Stanescu’s unit, where he waited for the perfect timing to execute his revenge.