Number 5— The Glock 26

Brian’s G26 in a Galco Ankle Glove.

The Glock 26 is a tried and true work horse. Does it have great sights from the factory? Nope!   However, you can buy them with Glock factory night sights that aren’t bad or pick up a Talo edition with night sights for a reasonable price. Does it have a great trigger from the factory? No! However, great shooters don’t need great triggers, they just need functional and adequate triggers. Glock’s trigger is both functional and adequate. The reset is what made everyone else try to make theirs’ audible and tactile. So the lil’ gal is still a trend setter even in her old age. Still, if you want to improve the trigger, you have TONS of options. Check out my review of the TYR trigger from SSVI coming soon. The size is super concealable and remarkably shootable with decent capacity— 10 rounds. The G26 is an industry standard for a reason. However, I can conceal larger (and more shootable guns) just as well, and in some cases, more easily so…

Number 4— The M&P 9c

Photo courtesy of Smith & Wesson.

The M&P has a proven track record, and the 9c was one of the first handguns to split the difference between Glock 19 sized compacts and subcompacts. The form factor isn’t for everyone, but it definitely has a place in the market. I really like the M&P lines’ grip geometry and overall appearance. The triggers have evolved over time and are much better than they were, but in my opinion, the trigger shoe’s geometry still needs to be changed. Until then there’s always APEX.

Number 3— The FNS 9c

Photo by Sam Baucom

The FNS 9c is roughly the same size as the M&P 9c, but with a few more factory options. The three magazine types from the factory (with sleeves) are great. The trigger is way better than the M&P (says me), the slide is profiled more usefully, and the grip texture isn’t for the faint of heart, but is great when you consider the likelihood that you’ll be muddy, sweaty, or bloody when you actually need your gun.

Number 2— The Glock 19

The G19 is everything a compact gun should be and nothing it shouldn’t. Well, save the sight and trigger considerations listed with the G26. It is concealable and incredibly shootable. The goal isn’t to master a difficult to handle weapon (in my book.) The goal is to find the weapon that gives you the most strategic advantage (is easy to use) and then master that. Ultimately, when we talk weapons, the conversation ends with our lives on the line, not just trophies on the shelf. Glock gets that.

I’ll be honest this one is still my favorite, but I think that may be slightly irrational when all the options are considered. I’m trying to be objective here. It’s ok, baby, I still love you!

Number 1— The Sig P320 Compact (with sub compact frame)

Sig with Apollo holster from Alpha Concealment

No, I’m not just saying this because the Army selected it. No, I’m not just saying this because my Instagram feed is lauding it. I personally would like to offer a counterpoint. I’d prefer to be antagonistic. However, my experience with the P320 has been really, really good. The option of a cheap and useful flat trigger from Apex is awesome, but my answer would be the same without it. It comes down to the gun’s modularity. I was all spooled up to tell you that that’s a gimmick, BUT it’s not. It allows the user to customize their weapon without the huge price tag of customization. The compact grip, the compact slide, and the subcompact grip would serve the concealed carry requirements of most people really well.

What are your top five double stack concealed carry choices?