The questions have been coming in again with the influx of new and upcoming Selection classes in the winter months as many of the candidates are trying to get prepared. As is the norm, most of the questions we get center around the physical part of Selection, especially rucking and land navigation.

We touched on some of the land navigation topics you’ll need to know in an earlier refresher and today we’ll look at some of the rucking questions that always seem to crop up in every group of Selection candidates.

First, and foremost… Ignore the noise! I can’t stress that part enough. Don’t worry about everyone else’s horror stories. Most of the worst stories coming about Selection are from guys who weren’t prepared and failed. I’ve said this countless times and so we’ll throw it out there again. Thousands of guys before you have made it through the course and being one of them, I don’t remember any of my classmates looking like Rambo or Chuck Norris.

It is tough, don’t doubt that, and trust me, you’ll be challenged, and beat down. That is what the course is designed to do.  You will have to work hard and push yourself, but if you do that and put the effort in to properly prepare for the courses, then there’s no reason to believe that you won’t be able to meet the standards.