Although long range shooting is becoming wildly popular, the costs associated with this sport still remain a major impass for newcomers to the sport…until now. Ruger, a company with a long standing commitment to manufacturing traditional firearms, has rocked the corporate boat with their latest bolt action rifle. The (RPR) Ruger Precision Rifle looks unlike anything that has left Ruger’s Newport, New Hampshire facility. It’s such a break from tradition that I’m confident the initial design would be on the drawing room floor had Alexander Sturm or William Ruger still walked the earth. Fortunately, Ruger recognized the dire need for an affordable rifle in this segment and with this radical design comes a shift in the precision rifle paradigm. What used to cost several thousand dollars for a custom rifle can now be purchased for around a grand. And it’s a shooter with sub minute-of-angle standards beyond the coveted 1000 meter mark right out of the box. In fact, the current CEO, Mike Fifer was quoted saying, “1600 yards. Enough said” in reference to the Ruger Precision Rifle.

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