1. There was no hostage situation in Nice.

Several tweets from Thursday night mentioned a hostage situation in a Buffalo Grill restaurant, and in the Negresco and Le Méridien hotels.

The French Interior Ministry responded in a tweet that there was no hostage situation.

2. These people are not among the victims — their pictures are being distributed by trolls.


3. Especially this man, whose picture now frequently circulates after major terrorist attacks.


This man’s face keeps appearing on social media in the aftermath of major tragedies, including, for example, the EgyptAir crash and the Istanbul airport attack last June.

According to France 24, “several online articles, including on the BBC website, reported at the time that ‘trolls’ enjoyed circulating pictures of fake victims of the accident, ‘in order to trick the media’.”

4. There was no link between a fire at the Eiffel Tower and the Nice attack.

On Thursday night, in the immediate aftermath of the attack in Nice, pictures and video of a fire near the base of the Eiffel Tower began circulating on social media. Some people suggested this could be another attack linked to the one in Nice. But the Paris police department tweeted to say it was an accidental fire-related to the Bastille Day fireworks display in the city: “Do not circulate false rumors. No fire in the #TourEiffel. An accidental fire took place on the Iéna bridge. It has been extinguished.”

5. This man was not involved in the attack.