With the 100th day of the war in Ukraine passing, the battle rages on to obtain complete control of Severodonetsk as the Russians make small gains in the east. Russian and Ukrainian troops remain in fierce fighting in the city, an area that is now mostly controlled by Russian forces.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has admitted that the Russian invasion in the east had been partially successful, with 20% of Ukraine’s territory (some 48,262 sq. miles or 125,000 sq. km) now under Russian control. According to several reports, some 115,830 sq miles (300,000 sq. km) of Ukrainian soil is littered with mines and unexploded ordnances (UXOs).

“As of today, about 20 percent of our territory is under the control of the occupiers. Almost 125 thousand square kilometers. This is much larger than the area of all the Benelux Countries combined,” he said during his speech to the lawmakers in Luxembourg.

For comparison, Russia holds as much land mass as the state of Mississippi, which measures 48,430 sq. miles (125,443 sq. km). It is also comparable to Pennsylvania at 46,055 sq. miles (119,282 sq. km). When compared to European countries, it would cover the landmass of both Austria and Switzerland, or 55% of the United Kingdom. Needless to say, 20% is not ignorable and is a substantial portion of Ukraine.