Russia cuts back on gas supply AGAIN to Europe on Wednesday, as the “gas war” between Moscow and the European Union further escalates. This will cause an especially challenging for the EU as the winter heating season is fastly approaching.

Russian gas company, Gazprom, has drastically reduced the capacity of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany earlier this week, claiming the disruption was caused by a maintenance issue. However, Germany said upon investigation that it saw no technical reason for the latest reduction of just 20 percent or capacity, which led the EU to conclude that the Kremlin was sabotaging the supply in exchange for the West’s economic blow following the “special military operations” in Ukraine.

Nord Stream 1 is a major gas link between Russia and Europe, accounting for approximately a third of gas exports between the nations.

Russia’s “gas blackmail” against Europe

Moscow responded to the “energy blackmail” accusations of the EU, stating that Europeans have brought this suffering upon themselves due to the economic sanctions they imposed on Russia.