Nine civilians, including a teenage girl, were wounded Monday, March 25, after Ukrainian air defense systems intercepted two Russian missiles over the capital, Kyiv.

Scrambling for Cover: Kyiv Under Attack

Looks like Kyiv just can’t catch a break.

Missiles rained down on the capital again Monday, but luckily, Ukraine’s air defenses played whack-a-mole with them in the sky.

Still, nine people, including a teenager, got hurt when debris rained down after the missiles were shot out of the sky.

This whole thing went down around 1030 local time (0830 GMT).

Imagine chilling at work or school, having your morning coffee, and then BAM – air raid sirens start blaring. People scrambled for cover as explosions rocked the city.

AFP reporters were on the scene and said it looked like something out of a movie, with emergency workers digging through concrete and twisted metal to clear the damage.

President Zelensky Says: “We Need Better Defenses!”

President Zelensky wasn’t having any of it.