Ukrainians obtaining a sense of normalcy through strolling a local mall were suddenly blasted by explosives. The attacks on Ukrainian civilians continued as Russia’s missiles targeted a crowded shopping mall and entertainment center, the Amstar Mall, in Kremenchuk in Poltava, Ukraine. There were reportedly over 1,000 civilians in the shopping mall when multiple missiles hit the area.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his outrage through a Telegram message:

“Kremenchuk. The occupiers fired missiles at the shopping center, where there were more than 1,000 civilians. The shopping center is on fire, rescuers are extinguishing the fire, the number of victims is unimaginable.”

In another statement, Zelensky called the Russian missile strike “one of the most daring terrorist acts in European history” because it was a deliberate attack on a peaceful city. He also said it was something the Russians had planned since attacking civilians has been one of their known tactics in their war playbook.