Intel from the Ukrainian military says that Russia intends to open a new front in its invasion of Ukraine through Moldova, a former Soviet State.

“We believe the Kremlin has already taken the decision to attack Moldova. The fate of Moldova is very crucial. If the Russians start to take control, we will, militarily, be an easier target, and the threat to Ukraine will be existential,” said the source.

One of the sources said there were a “number of indicators” that led to a conclusion that an attack on Moldova is likely – a country that only has 3,250 fighters in its forces.

Tensions have been rising in Transnistria, a pro-Russian breakaway region of Moldova. After a string of explosions hit state buildings in the separatist capital. No one got hurt, and nobody claimed responsibility for the attacks. Transnistrian authorities accused Ukraine of the attacks, while Ukraine blamed Russia’s security service, and Moldova pointed to pro-war groups in Transnistria.

Transnistrian Army at Bender Fortres with their leader and "President" of the breakaway region Vadim Krasnoselsky (, CC BY 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons). Source:
Transnistrian Army at Bender Fortress with their leader and “President” of the breakaway region Vadim Krasnoselsky (President.gospmr.orgCC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

The region of Transnistria shares a border with Ukraine, specifically the southwest region of Ukraine. A successful takeover of the region will open an opportunity for Russian troops to encircle Ukrainians fighting in the east. Western experts believe it is likely that Russia wants to create a land bridge from Transnistria to Crimea, which will cut off Ukraine from the Black Sea.

Some sources from the Royal United Services Institute go as far as believing that Russia could exploit the troubled population of Moldova to destabilize the country and allow for a complete takeover. The destabilization effort, as sources claim, would involve exploitation of the cost of living in Moldova, which had been suffering from an economic fallout as a result of the Russo-Ukrainian war. These claims, however, have not yet been confirmed.

Sources say that there are already around 1,500 Russian soldiers in Transnistria serving as “peace-keepers” and that observed activities in the airfield of Tiraspol, the region’s capital, suggest a build-up of forces preceding a possible Russian attack.

“That means they are preparing an airborne landing operation, and there is a high probability the airborne troops will be delivered from Crimea,” the source said, who mentioned the possibility of Soviet transport aircraft and helicopters being brought in.