Russia is saying their new aircraft carrier will be the largest in the world and is called the ‘Shtorm class’ or Project 23E000E. They are saying the new super carrier could cost up to $17.5 billion with 2030 being the target year for the Shtorm to enter service.

Shtorm class carries would be powered by nuclear reactors and carry up to 90 aircraft, including the newly designed T-50, the report claims.

Despite the Kremlin’s claim that the new carrier will be the world’s biggest, its specifications appear similar to the current US Nimitz class ships.

Professor Vadim Kozyulin, an expert quoted by Russian media, admits that the ship will be based on the design for new American carrier USS Gerald R Ford.

‘It will be a floating airport that is accompanied by an entire squadron of ships,’ Mr Kozyulin said.

The new craft will feature a deck the size of three football fields, house 4,000 crew and need specially designed docks to fit inside.” – Daily Mail

So there you have it…the Russians plan to become the “Top Dog” in the aircraft carrier business. What do you think? Can they pull it off? Even though this plan of theirs may sound impressive at first glance just remember they currently only have one aircraft carrier (The Admiral Kuznetsov) and it has been in service for over 30 years.