The Russian government just made a bullshit claim about chemical weapons in Syria—and used some bullshit graphics from an old video game to help make its argument.

“Several trucks with improvised munitions fitted with chemical warfare agents based on chlorine have arrived in northern territories of Aleppo, which had been controlled by Jabhat Al Nusra terrorists, from the Idlib province,” the Russian defense ministry reported on May 11.

The Russian embassy in the United Kingdom helpfully tweeted the defense ministry’s claim—and included a CGI image of munitions-laden trucks along with the disclaimer that the image was “for illustration purposes only.”

But that image was a screenshot from the popular 1995 video game Command and Conquer. Freelance journalist Kelsey Atherton was the first to notice the embassy’s rip-off. “Shout-out to the Russian intern who googled ‘bomb truck,’ found a picture from a video game, slapped on ‘illustration only’ & ran with it,” Atherton tweeted.

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Image courtesy of Twitter via the Daily Beast