A group of angry protesters drenched Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreyev with bright red paint in an event to honor fallen World War II soldiers.

The Russian ambassador was in a Soviet military cemetery in Warsaw to celebrate the defeat of Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Andreyev was splattered with ‘red blood’ as he tried to lay flowers for the Soviet soldiers that had fallen in the conflict.

Video footage shows protesters surrounding the Russian diplomat, chanting the words “fascists” and “murderer” as they were throwing red paint directly at the ambassador’s face. The video showed Sergey Andreyev paying no mind to the demonstrators as he wiped away paint from his face.

Directly after the incident, Andreyev would say to reporters that he was “proud of my country and my president!”

In an interview with the Russian news network TASS, Andreyev said that he and his team were not seriously hurt during the incident. According to him, the protestors tried to prevent them from laying the flowers and were eventually escorted away by Polish authorities.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has responded to the incident by calling those responsible “admirers of neo-Nazism.” It has demanded that the city of Warsaw organize a new wreath-laying ceremony in respect of the fallen Soviet troops. They added that the new ceremony should “have complete protection against any provocations.”

“The demolition of monuments to the heroes of World War II, the desecration of graves, and now the disruption of the flower-laying ceremony on a holy day for every decent person prove the already obvious — the West has set a course for the reincarnation of fascism,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on Telegram.