Russia’s naval headquarters in Crimea was blasted by a drone Saturday, incapacitating more than half of their fleet in the Black Sea.

Officials speaking on condition of anonymity said that Ukraine is gaining momentum yet again, and they continue to see “kinetic effects” of their move in the Crimean peninsula. More videos were published online as civilians were alarmed by the damage. Local officials and residents couldn’t determine the extent of the damage, but this gave them a lot of doubt about the security in the region.

Novofedorivka is an urban-type settlement where the Russian Naval Aviation aircraft trains. During the 2014 Russia-Ukraine war, Russia annexed Crimea, including nearby towns, Novofedorivka, and the Saky airbase (just adjacent to Novofedorivka).

On Aug. 9, powerful attacks landed on the Saky airfield, with columns of smoke seen from the sky and the land. Russian-proxy Crimean Governor Sergey Aksyonov confirmed the attacks and said these directly landed on the airfield, but he did not disclose nor confirm the cause of the blast. Russian Defense Ministry also claimed that this was just a part of Moscow’s strategy and that “everything is going according to plan.” They even noted that it was just caused by the “detonation of several aviation munitions.” No reports on injured soldiers or aircraft were noted.