According to reports, dissent over Russian President Vladimir Putin’s leadership is slowly gaining steam within the Kremlin. From normal citizens all the way to high-ranking generals, many are extremely dissatisfied with the invasion of Ukraine. The public does not want an invasion, while generals are frustrated about the lack of progress. As a result, reports have surfaced that a number of former generals and members of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) are planning to oust Putin from the presidency.

Russia’s intelligence branch, the FSB, has been reported to be very frustrated with Putin, who was once part of both the KGB and later FSB. According to reports, they were frustrated about the lack of military progress and advancements in Ukraine. Many also see the war in Ukraine as a widescale mistake and an economic disaster. This is the reason why members of the FSB had reached out to former Russian generals and military officials to plan a coup.

The “Siloviki” (or a “Silovik”) is a group of Russian politicians who came from military service, with many of these politicians coming from the KGB, GRU, FSB, SVR, FSO, the Federal Drug Control Service. This term refers to “people of force” or, quite literally, “strongmen” in political science terms. These individuals often have a “military-style” of leadership and are very pragmatic law-and-order focus.

Certain members of this group, mostly from the FSB, are supposedly working together with former generals and other military (or security branches) to oust Putin from power and reform the government.