In a series of intercepted Russian radio chatter, the Russian forces revealed that they had raped a 16-year-old Ukrainian girl and had eaten stray dogs to fill their stomachs. They were also reported to be eating stray cats and rabbits to supplement their meager supplies.

Increasing reports of Russian troops raping Ukrainian women had surfaced earlier this week. With morale low and them losing an exorbitant number of soldiers, it seems that the Russians are taking their frustration out on the civilians. It was revealed in an earlier radio intercept that the Russians were indeed targeting residential areas and that they were actually retreating due to heavy Ukrainian fire.

In light of these, a Ukrainian woman by the pseudonym “Natalya” had been repeatedly gang-raped by Russian troops after shooting her husband. Her 4-year-old son was in another room crying as she was getting sexually assaulted by the soldiers.

Another recent radio intercept reveals that the Russian soldiers had raped a 16-year-old Ukrainian girl. She was allegedly raped by three Russian tank soldiers.

“We have three tank guys here. They raped a girl,” a Russian soldier said while talking to a woman. “Who did?” asked the lady. “The three tankers. She was 16-years-old,” the Russian soldier replied. “Our guys?” she asked. “Yep,” to which the lady again simply replied, “F*ck.”

In Mariupol, an unnamed Ukrainian woman was repeatedly raped by Russian troops. But this time, they raped the woman in front of her 6-year-old son. The woman later died because of her wounds.

Another instance of rape was uncovered in Irpin by ITV News, where they showed footage of volunteers discussing a case of a 15-year-old girl who got raped by Russian forces and was held hostage along with her mother.

“She spent ten days in a basement where her mother was killed. She was bleeding to death for two days, and it happened right in front of this girl,” a Ukrainian man said who rescued the girl. “She was raped by Russian soldiers. They filmed that with a mobile phone,” he added in tears and was crying during the interview.

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Ukrainian man who rescued the 15 year old girl who was raped by Russian forces (Screenshot from ITV News). Source:
Ukrainian man who rescued the 15-year-old girl who was raped by Russian forces (Screenshot from ITV News | Youtube)

“Forgive me. I will never forget this story. I will never be able to process that because it’s awful. The child is 15-years-old.”

Russian Troops Eat Stray Dogs Which Were Possibly Feasting on Dead Russian Corpses

The report of stray dogs eating Russian corpses first surfaced in the city of Mykolaiv. Reports state that stray dogs were eating the corpses of the Russian army as per General Dmytro Marchenko, who is leading the defense of the city.

“It’s unpleasant to say this, but their corpses are food for stray dogs,” he said. “We’re not able to retrieve them because of continuing Russian fire in those areas.”

The general also assured that they would not shoot any Russians who wanted to give up and that they would not fire on Russian tanks if they wanted to surrender, provided that their main turret and guns were turned away from them.

The same reports could also be found in Irpin, which had been earlier liberated by Ukrainian troops this week after a long, bloody fight. The city was said to be liberated by foreign volunteers composed of Georgian and British fighters together with the Ukrainian armed forces in a counter-attack that surprised the heavily demotivated Russian army.

Soldiers from the Ukrainian side reported that Russian soldiers’ bodies were not being collected and were being eaten by stray dogs.

Reports have also surfaced that Russians were eating all kinds of animals, including cats and rabbits, which they hunt and kill. This has prompted a rescue mission from animal organizations to rescue thousands of pets from Ukraine.

While the intercepted audio does not specify where the Russian troops were situated, the news of dogs eating corpses has been widespread. After these stray dogs ate decaying Russian corpses, their comrades ate the stray dogs. They probably did not know that the dogs had eaten corpses, but this is entirely speculative at best.

According to the intercepted radio communications published by Ukraine, a Russian soldier was heard talking to his family, where he reported that they were “sick” of the Russian MREs. This implies that they are not out of food yet. However, they said that they wanted meat, so they killed a stray dog and proceeded to eat it.

“Are you eating ok at least?” a Russian soldier was asked. He then replies, “Not too bad. We had Alabay (a dog) yesterday. We wanted some meat.”

SOFREP earlier reported that the Russian forces were supplied with expired MREs, which is most likely the reason why their troops do not want to eat it, as it had gone bad way before their deployment. It was also reported that the Ukrainians had bombed a series of Russian supply trucks headed to their fellow troops who were starving and suffering from frostbite as they did not have fuel for their engines, which led them to freeze.

Furthermore, the Russian soldiers have been said to be looting Ukrainian shops and farms due to their hunger. An earlier report by SOFREP revealed that a farm in Kherson was “nationalized” by Russians and took a bunch of a farmer’s harvest. Russian soldiers had also looted supermarkets and convenience stores, with many pillaging homes in different Ukrainian cities.

Additionally, it was also revealed a few weeks ago that Russia had requested China to supply it with Chinese MREs to provide an offset to their expired MREs. The low supply of MREs in Russia is likely due to the fact that corruption is rampant in the Russian army, so troops end up stealing the MREs and selling them on the black market.