In a series of intercepted Russian radio chatter, the Russian forces revealed that they had raped a 16-year-old Ukrainian girl and had eaten stray dogs to fill their stomachs. They were also reported to be eating stray cats and rabbits to supplement their meager supplies.

Increasing reports of Russian troops raping Ukrainian women had surfaced earlier this week. With morale low and them losing an exorbitant number of soldiers, it seems that the Russians are taking their frustration out on the civilians. It was revealed in an earlier radio intercept that the Russians were indeed targeting residential areas and that they were actually retreating due to heavy Ukrainian fire.

In light of these, a Ukrainian woman by the pseudonym “Natalya” had been repeatedly gang-raped by Russian troops after shooting her husband. Her 4-year-old son was in another room crying as she was getting sexually assaulted by the soldiers.

Another recent radio intercept reveals that the Russian soldiers had raped a 16-year-old Ukrainian girl. She was allegedly raped by three Russian tank soldiers.

“We have three tank guys here. They raped a girl,” a Russian soldier said while talking to a woman. “Who did?” asked the lady. “The three tankers. She was 16-years-old,” the Russian soldier replied. “Our guys?” she asked. “Yep,” to which the lady again simply replied, “F*ck.”