As the conflict in Ukraine intensifies, troubling news of the seizure of  a US-made M113 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) by Russian forces during a skirmish in the Donetsk region at night adds complication to an already tense situation. The captured vehicle is said to be undergoing repairs to make it operational for Russian forces, further emphasizing the intricate dynamics of the ongoing conflict.

A volunteer scout known as “Hans” informed Russian news agency RIA Novosti that the American M113 APC was discovered by Russian reconnaissance officers after its crew attempted to flee during an assault. Social media footage reveals these vehicles operating alongside newly acquired Leopard-2A4 tanks, marking yet another instance where Russian forces have captured M113 APCs.

The ongoing conflict has seen both Russian and Ukrainian forces seizing each other’s weapon systems. Russia has showcased captured Ukrainian weapons as “trophies” collected throughout the war, while military experts argue that the arms captured by Russia are considerably fewer compared to the number of tanks and infantry/armored vehicles obtained by Ukrainian forces.

This development occurs as Russian attacks on Ukrainian positions have intensified, with the Russian defense ministry claiming that its forces have secured control over several blocks in Bakhmut’s northwestern, western, and southwestern areas.

The M113

The M113 APC, an older US vehicle that entered service with the US Army in the 1960s, was provided to Ukraine to address their need for superior Western equipment following Russia’s invasion in February of the previous year. This 13-ton, versatile armored personnel carrier features an aluminum hull and a 275-horsepower diesel engine, capable of transporting various crew types and acting as a foundation for other specialized vehicles.

The M113’s primary armament is typically a single 0.50 caliber M2 Browning machine gun, with the capacity to mount other weapons such as automatic grenade launchers, machine guns, anti-tank weapons, and explosive cannons. Additionally, the M47 Dragon missile system can be installed on the vehicle.