After the Russians pulled out from Kyiv Oblast and announced their focus on liberating the Donbas region from Ukraine, two Russian missiles had hit the Kramatorsk train station in the Donetsk region.

According to initial reports, at least 39 people had been killed as a result of the strikes, with 100 more wounded. These people were civilians boarding trains to escape the war in search of safer parts of Ukraine, evacuating to cities in the western hemisphere of the country.

The police present on the scene said that the missiles hit a temporary waiting room where the civilians were awaiting their evacuation trains.

“This is another proof that Russia is brutally, barbarically killing the civilian Ukrainians, with one goal only — to kill,” they said in a statement.

What remains of an alleged Tochka-U missile in Kramatorsk (Oleksandra Matviichuk/Twitter)

The head of the railway company, Oleksandr Kamyshin, said that the strike was “a deliberate attack on the passenger infrastructure of the railway and the residents of Kramatorsk.” According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the Russians did not only use missiles but also cluster munitions in attacking the evacuees.

While the head of the Donetsk military administration stated that both cluster and Iskander missiles hit the train station, military analysts have identified the missiles used in the attack, which were said to be Tockha-U 9M79-1 short range tactical ballistic missiles.

A photograph of the fragments of the missile were photographed and recorded on video, which revealed that the phrase “For the children” was written on its sides, referring to Russian propaganda that Ukrainians were harassing and killing children in the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. Ironically, the missile strikes also killed 4 Ukrainian children as of early reports on the ground.

They have also tied the missile launch from the Russians as it was recorded that two missiles were launched from Russian-controlled Shakhtarsk in Donetsk at 10:25 AM local time.