One day after Kremlin announced nationwide mobilization, citizens have various reactions on the call-to-arms. Here are funny, violent and frustrating memes and events that happened after the announcement.

The Funnies

#1. When “Reserve Units” Hide Inside Refrigerators to Avoid Enlistment

#2. That Moment When Hurting Yourself if a Better Outcome Than Joining Russian Troops

#3. Russian Independent Media Calling Putin’s Press Secretary’s Son Who Refused Military Summons

#4. When Russians Bought Flight Tickets 3 to 5 Times More Expensive Than Last Week

#5. When Loyalists Say ‘Yes, Sir!’

#6. Fast-tracked Gender Swap

#7. Russian Training for New Recruits


The Heart-breaking

#1. Russian Families Getting Separated

#2. Woman Died After Getting Hit With a Baton Strike During Protest

#3. Mass Protests, With an Estimated 1,500 getting Detained

#4. Traffic Jams Around Russian Borders

#5. Editorial Cartoon on Mobilization

#6. Russian City Administration Building Set on Fire

#7. Russian YouTuber Slapped, ‘Speak Russian’ During Livestream

#8. Guy Says He is In Favor of Mobilization, Will to go Ukraine ‘Tomorrow’ Then Got Arrested by Cops

#9. Extreme Violence in the Streets

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