US Defence Secretary Ash Carter has accused Russia of “nuclear sabre-rattling” and of being intent on eroding international order.

He said he regretted strained relations with Moscow but said the US had to “prioritize deterrence” on Nato’s eastern flank.

US-Russian ties have been strained by the Ukraine crisis and recent military encounters in the Baltic Sea.

Russia has accused NATO of threatening its national security.

Speaking during a ceremony at the US European Command Headquarters in Germany, Secretary Carter said Russia was “going backward in time”.

But Secretary Carter said: “We do not seek a cold, let alone a hot war with Russia.”


Strategic Rocket Forces (RVSN) -. Branch of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (the Armed Forces), a major component of its strategic nuclear forces (SNF) are intended for nuclear deterrence of possible aggression and destruction as part of the strategic nuclear forces, or on their own massive, group or single nuclear missile blows strategic objects in one or more strategic aerospace directions and form the basis of the military and economic potential.