Amidst the rallying cry of Ukrainian nationals and the backing of military, financial, and humanitarian support from the West, various top-ranking Ukrainian officials were arrested for espionage.

According to Reuters, long before the Ukrainian war began, Kremlin had already started building its network to pave the way for this war. During the first attacks, the Russian army encountered 169 members of the Ukrainian National Guard in Chernobyl, and in a matter of two hours, the Ukrainians surrendered.

Apparently, this pivotal incident was not a surprise for Russia. They have already laid plans for infiltrating the infamous nuclear plant and have strategized for the location to be their base operations during the beginning of the war. Moreover, sources with knowledge of Russian processes said Kremlin’s war planners had foreseen a small number of defenders in the region, making them more confident in their attack.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s administration was expected to “quit, flee or capitulate,” but that didn’t happen. And now, we’re past 162 days from the first day of the war.