Following reports of failed Russian advances and stalled invasion efforts across Ukraine, the Russian forces are now reportedly being repelled and pushed back by the Ukrainians in several key cities and areas as they suffer from frostbite due to not having cold-weather gear.

“They [the Ukrainians] are now able and willing to take back territory the Russians have taken. It’s notable. Not only are the Ukrainians defending well, they’re making efforts to take back territory the Russians have taken in recent days,” said an unnamed US senior defense official.

“Some of their [Russia’s] soldiers are suffering from frostbite because they lack the appropriate cold-weather gear. We don’t think they properly planned.”

An unnamed NATO official has recently stated that casualties based on intelligence and Ukrainian estimates indicate the number of Russian dead to be in the 7,000-15,000 range with as many as 30,000-40,000 wounded, missing or captured.  A significant number of the missing could be desertions by conscript troops.