With confirmation that the Wagner Group has indeed been active in the hot zones in Ukraine, one of the more notorious mercenaries from the group is believed to have been killed by a Ukrainian sniper.

The infamous Wagner Group mercenary named Vladimir Andonov, 44, was reported to be one of the military figures that had been actively killing POWs and civilians throughout his career. According to several social media channels, Telegram channels, and even Russian newspapers, Andonov was killed in Kharkiv sometime in the evening.

The Ukrainian forces, which have actively been launching counterattacks in Kharkiv, had caught Andonov and another mercenary flat-footed as the two Russians were conducting a reconnaissance mission of surrounding areas. Not knowing that he had already been spotted, he was shot by a Ukrainian sniper.

Andonov, a Siberian native of Buryatia, had served in the Russian army from 1997 to 2005. Afterward, he would relocate to the city of Ulan-Ude and enroll in a teaching college. He would drop out later and gain a job before signing up to fight in Donbas, being assigned to the “Olkhon” Special Forces Company.